Fair Trials Abroad

Fair Trials Abroad / Justice à l'étranger (FTA) is a London-based charity that works to promote fair trials according to international standards of justice and to defend the rights of those facing criminal charges in a country other than their own

Welcome to Fair Trials Abroad. If your fundamental rights have been abused under a foreign criminal justice system, please download our questionnaire, or go to the Need Help section for further information regarding the services we provide.

What we do

Fair Trials Abroad/Justice à l’étranger  (FTA) works to ensure that those accused of a crime in a country other than their home country receive a just and fair trial.

FTA pursues its mission through individual casework and research at a strategic level, using patterns of discrimination and injustice that repeatedly arise in cases.

FTA is regularly invited to advise the European Union on matters of international justice and discrimination against EU citizens in a foreign country.

We actively campaign for:

We also advocate:
We try to help you:
FTA aims to:
FTA was launched by British lawyer Stephen Jakobi OBE in 1994

Fair Trials Abroad is a Registered Charity No. 1079079

Need Help ?

This page explains the ways in which Fair Trials Abroad/ Justice à l'étranger (FTA) can help prisoners and their families in an emergency.

If you are a European citizen facing a criminal conviction abroad and you believe the accusations against you are unfounded we would like to hear more about your case. Simply print off the Online Client Questionnaire, complete it and send it to the address on the questionnaire by fax or post. We cannot accept e-mailed copies unless your signature has been scanned in.  We will then assess if and how we can help you.

If you are an EU citizen and have been arrested or charged with a crime in any country other than your own, and if  your legal rights have been or are in danger of being violated;

FTA can:

FTA cannot:

*For this you should contact your local Consul.  You may also contact specialist prisoner-welfare agencies such as Prisoners Abroad (UK), or Españoles en el Mundo (Spain).  Your Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also  provide information.

Our contact details

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To email any member of staff please use firstname.lastname@fairtrialsabroad.org